‘There is a saying that one travels not to change places, but ideas’.

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I have always loved travelling and visiting new places. Upon my arrival I used to note down all the new things I experienced, learned, heard, felt and thought.

I believe that travelling offers the opportunity to escape our habits of mind and reflect upon our lives from a height we could not have reached in the midst of our everyday lives. I also think it is possible to maintain a travellers mind-set back home.

Suite Home Escape is my collection of unique hotel rooms around the world, selected in regard to their location, design and aesthetics, authenticity, facilities and service, sustainability, culture and heritage.

Every hotel description is accompanied with some ‘Room for thought’ –small motos- that can help travelers escaping their ‘habits of mind’ back home.

Besides , the word ‘room’ in English means not only the room, but also space and opportunity. Opportunity to abstain from the usual place and time, to escape from the usual thoughts and practices, to take a break from everyday life and return with a new philosophy, new culture and new habits.

The ‘room for thought’ quotes also refer to concepts that are guidelines for all of us such as the concept of friendship, personal goals, family ties, creativity and experience.

Bon voyage,



Tonia Vassilopoulou was born in Athens-Greece. She received Bachelor in International Business Administration, Cum Laude from the American  University of Paris in 2001 and continued her Postgraduate studies in Hospitality Management at Glion Hotel School in Switzerland from where she graduated with Distinction in 2003.

Since then, she has been working for the family business in Greece, a 5 star boutique hotel located in the center of Athens-Greece www.sglycabettus.gr and a summer lifestyle hotel at the island of Andros in the Aegean Sea www.paradiseandros.gr.

In 2009 she created the ‘Suite Home’ hospitality concept in Paris by buying , renovating and renting a suite style apartment and offering hospitality services to its guests managed by local companies. In 2010 Suite Home Mykonos and Suite Home St. Moritz followed. www.suitehome.gr .

She travels extensively and had her own ‘Hotelier Expert’ column in various magazines  where she suggested unique hotels to the readers.  She has been an active member of the Greek Tourism Business Association , public relations ephor of the Athens Hospitality Association, member of the Elpida Youth commitee which supports children with cancer and major collaborator of the Sympossio Greek gourmet touring which aims at promoting Greece and the greek gastronomy abroad.

She received the Greek International Women Award in hospitality in a ceremony at the British museum in London and the Odysseus Award at the London Greek Film Festival.

In 2017 she founded Hotel Donor, an online reservation travel company that donates to a Greek charity with every booking.

She is married and has a son and a daughter.

All proceeds from the Suite Home Escape book go towards the causes of Elpida youth in order to support a therapeutic summer camp for kids.

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