Lake Manyara Tree Lodge: Eco-Luxury in Tanzania

As the only lodge in Lake Manyara National Park, Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is romantically exclusive with only 10 elegantly intimate stilted tree house suites. Located within a remote corner of the reserve, Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is cradled within the boughs of an ancient mahogany forest. Furnishings and decor combine intricate details of luxury and the natural beauty of this incredibly breathtaking reserve and the cool leafy area that surrounds it.

Get lost within the luxurious space of the bedrooms and sitting rooms, the generously wide open decks and massive window areas as you while away time, enjoying this magnificent piece of heaven in the wild. Warm wood interiors and comfortably cosy sofas in the split level guest areas provide warmth and texture to this wonderful lodge. Although spacious, Lake Manyara Tree lodge is cosy and warm, a true delight in luxurious accommodation.

With Gratitude T.

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