North Island-Seychelles : barefoot luxury to Eden

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 An all around green paradise on earth, with emerald water and golden sands. Eleven haute couture villas dedicated to the Robinson Crusoe’s of today. Architecture that does not allow evident limits between accommodation and nature without however sacrificing the comfort factor.Turtles that stroll around specially designed paths and exotic birds chirping in the trees. That’s North Island for you! An ecological temple and the ideal exotic destination of well being .

When one arrives one immediately senses the divine intervention which has the place intact in contrast to the noisy bustle of everyday life.

Towering, dense, green palm trees , dramatic rocks and a serene beach-oasis. At the first glance no one perceives the fact that the architecture in North Island follows its own rules and does not resemble anything familiar to the common eye. Under the shade of the gigantic Casuarina tree,  the exterior reception-lounge area can be found built from white tree trunks and furniture that seems to have  sprouted from mother earth with no human intervention.

Stone, timber, glass, coral , sand and natural colors compose the setting in which it openheartedly welcomes its visitor with barefoot staff and defines the islands philosophy.

In North Island there are no such restaurants as those that one is used to coming across. The philosophy here is `No menu, no venue, no time’. Meaning  that the visitors can order anything they please ,any hour of the day and eat it where ever they please either on the beach, in the privacy of their villa, at the central swimming-pool, or at the sunset bar.΄

Thus is created the signature  menu of the day in collaboration with the cheerful chef!

An electric rechargeable buggy drives us back to our villa and is left at our disposal as means of transport to further explore the island.

Upon entering the villa from the wooden ramp made from tree trunks one is immediately impressed by the size and the architecture that highlights the natural elements and gives the sense that you are one with nature. In the center there is a large lounge area with a round swimming-pool that is covered by a pergola – an  extension of a Takamaka tree .The bedroom behind the invisible glass gives the notion that it is outdoors and the most notable  characteristic  of the  villa is the bathroom with the enormous bathtub plunged into the wooden floor and the open air shower naturally lit by the starlight sky.

In North Island the activities are numerous. One can visit the spa with the most enchanting view in the island, enjoy luxurious cocktails at the sunset bar or choose from outdoor activities such as scuba diving , kayaking or cycling.

Don’t forget to visit the library with a wide range of books and films which convey the islands ecological character and `Noah’s ark’ philosophy –the island boasts and breeds  extinct species of the animal kingdom such as giant turtles and do not be surprised if on one of your walks you run into Brutus… the largest male turtle of the island – weighing a mere 192 kilos!

Despite North Islands’ many credits and awards the island does not rest. Apart from its plenteous ecological activity it allocates spaces free of charge for one week each June to the less privileged children from the central island of Seychelles where they can enjoy carefree games but also educational programmes about the flora and the fauna of the island.

North Island constitutes  the ideal destination for a combination of carefree days , refined beauty , rare aesthetic  and ecological awareness!

With Gratitude T.

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