The Fashion Room Service


1 day ,  1 hotel, 18 rooms, 18 participating designers and brands & 1 big party.

All these constitute the Fashion Room Service.

On Wednesday, November 16 , St George Lycabettus Hotel will open its doors to the public. 18 participating designers, labels and brands will have the opportunity by turning hotel rooms into mini showrooms, to present to the public samples of their collections, which the public can experience up close or even buy.

This original fashion project launched with great success for the first time in Athens in February 2011 in Semiramis Hotel and then in Thessaloniki in March 2011 at the Hotel Excelsior.

During the event, a Tea Party will be set up in the hotel, with Lipton tea and treats being offered to guests; while at 20:00 Absolut will take the lead offering Absolut cocktails to the public at the party which will take place in the hotel’s party room.

Furthermore, within the Fashion Room Service, Absolut will have the opportunity to present the new bottle ‘Absolut Mode’. A limited edition of Absolut Mode, designed by British designer Gareth Pugh will be presented through a specially designed room in the hotel.

The Fashion Room Service will be part of the 4FashionShake Days events, in the magazine’s effort to present a complete cycle of events that will “shake” the city and will give artists the opportunity of expression through different creative means.


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