St Barthelemy-Lodging in the French West Indies!

Hotel Isle De France

       St.Barths is located in the Caribbean, 250 km east of Puerto Rico and very near the islands St.Martin, Anguilla and Saba. It is renown for it’s numerous beaches, it’s  international jetset, it’s impressive hotels and awarded gourmet restaurants, its designer tax-free  boutiques, the popular cosmetics Ligne St.Barth and of course, it’s sophisticated European atmosphere.

Few know that it was discovered by Christopher Colombus in 1493 when it used to be a Swedish colony and was named after his brother (Bartolomeo) . It was sold to France in 1878, and till today boasts the French flag and is under French rule. The residents have European passports, the official language is French and the currency Euro.

A common site here are young ,sun tanned couples enjoying the beauties of the island. Families with children prefer renting  the beach villas whereas celebrities avoiding the public eye tend to rent the villas in the distant hills .

HOTEL ISLE DE FRANCE  is by far one of the best choices of hotel in St.Barths, especially if you are there on your honeymoon. If you want to fall asleep each night to the sound of the waves and take your morning jog along  the notorious beach “ Baie des Flamands ”choose the beach bungalows.Dine in the hotels’  two Michelin star restaurant, La Casa de L’Isle under candlelight , with your feet subtly stroking the white sands.

Do not forget to try the tuna tataki  and the tinfoil grilled vegetables!
Other , unique experiences that should not be missed are  the massages at the Molton Brown Spa , the hotels’ exclusive boutique, and the mini fashion shows which take place once a week around the  swimming-pool .

A private residents club is also available  which allows its members the right to spend a months holiday per year in a villa and benefit from large discounts on all other facilities and services.

La Banane Hotel


Another  interesting and more economic choice of hotel in St. Barths is the boutique hotel
La Banane, which , since its renovation  resembles a small oasis. The 9 charming
rooms, where great emphasis has been given to detail , pop out of the green gardens and towering palm trees pleasantly  surprising the visitor.In each room unusual works by Pierre Jeanneret,Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Serge Mouille, and Juliette Derel form the highlights of an ever-changing tapestry.

Breakfast  is served by the warm ,welcoming smiling faces of the staff either in your privacy or around the swimming pool accompanied by the song of tropical birds.

As for the afternoon, you can relax at the bar sipping exotic cocktails and flicking through various books and publications from the updated library of La Banane.
The hotel is located very close to the famous Lorient Bay, Eden Rock hotel and restaurant and Cafe Massai that are also  well worth visiting.

With Gratitude T.

Eden Rock Hotel

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