Moscow – From Russia with Love!

The city of Moscow with its population of 9 million, has been marked by times of great glory but also tragic downfalls including the two centuries in which the Soviet Union was known as St. Petersburg. In 1975 the Soviet Union won its biggest bet with the West , launched the very first space ship , Sputnik 1 into space. The same year Sputnik 2 made a similar journey with the first living being – the dog, Laika – unfortunately however she never returned. Four years later , Yuri Gagarin ,the first man to fly to space and return became a national hero. Although they didn’t manage to be the first to set foot on the moon , the Russians widely developed spatial  programmes and continuously broke records of living … in orbit.

Due to the political developments and events in the 1990’s the communist regime changed radically. The inexhaustible natural resources attracted a great deal of investors and as a result the capital found itself managing the largest share of the worldwide economy. The result of which was the creation of a new elite with an extremely high standard of living , the New – Russians. Moscow today is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world , although the income of the majority of the working class is low thus resulting in a large number of the population living under truly poor conditions and lacking even the basics.

Despite all this , the charm that the city offers its visitors continues to portray its dynamic history, the Russian revolution , Stalinism , Perestroika , missions to space , black caviar ,vodka , Bolshoi ballet are just few of the reasons why it is definitely worth making the trip to Moscow.

Most of the cities sights and attractions can be found in the center which is circled by the gardens and the imposing avenues. So your best bet is to stay near the center and more specifically at the Hotel Park Hyatt Ararat, only a breath away from the Bolshoi Theatre , the Kremlin , the Red Square, St. Basil Cathedral and Lenins’ mausoleum .

To enjoy the best view of all these attractions visit the hotels Conservatory Lounge Bar on  the  10th  floor. The wavy glass ceiling and the huge glass windows offer a panoramic view whilst one can enjoy  light , healthy snacks , cocktails and sushi.

The executive room with its comfortable king size bed and fluffy pillows provides a generous work area and complimentary wireless internet access.

The bathroom has heated flooring , walk- in shower and luxurious Blaise Mautin amenities.

The 180 square meter Ambassador Suite with the atmosphere of a personalized home is decorated with modern, authentic works of Art and crystal chandeliers.

A kitchenette and a private dining room which seats 10, jetted spa tub and a 40’ TV.

In the lobby one can find the Cafe Ararat which is considered to be one of the trendiest gastronomic spots of the city. One can taste a large variety of Russian vodkas accompanied perfectly with black Beluga caviar , blinis with sour cream and Zakushi hors d’oeuvres . Every Sunday a brunch is served with a wide variety of local delicacies.

Finally the hotels’ Quantum Spa & Health Club boasts a rejuvenating Russian Deep Tissue massage.

And don’t forget to take dip in the indoor pool or visit the Russian steam bath whilst the temperature outside may even be below zero!

With Gratitude T.

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