Elies Resort – Beauty in simplicity..

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Elies Resorts – named after the Greek word for olive tree – is an oasis of white, popping out from the low brown and green trees of the Sifnos’ hills, and the teal waters of the Aegean Sea. A unique luxurious hotel complex designed with the minimum possible intervention in the natural landscape, serving this way the island’s character. While a wealth of  experiences are at your disposal like folklore dance lessons, greek cooking lessons  walking and trekking excursions, pottery lessons and other festivities it’s the serenity of the location itself, surrounded by sea and immersed in olive trees, that is the real bounty.

Olea Spa is a unique retreat on serene Sifnos and an ode to the harmony of this island’s rich sea, mineral earth, and dark green orchards.

Sifnos is considered to be a gastronomic paradise and therefore Elies Resorts makes sure that it brings this experience in its guests’ plate, through unique local dishes and other Mediteranean recipes that transform accommodation into a real experience, even for the most demanding ones.

The art shop located within the hotel’s premises, displays a small but remarkable collection of exclusive jewelry, souvenirs, accessories and ceramic items, all designed exclusively for the hotel by Greek and foreign artists

The deep blue Aegean Sea, the incomparable Greek light and the imposing mountains of Sifnos with their dry-stone walls, all surround Elies Resorts in a harmonious way, attracting visitors that are seeking beauty in simplicity and transform accommodation into a real experience, even for the most demanding ones.

With Gratitude T.

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