Three Parisian terraces to visit this springtime!

Room for thought : ‘See the big picture, play the long game’

Travelling offers the opportunity to escape our ‘habits of mind’ and reflect upon our lives from a height we could not have reached in the midst of our everyday lives.

Locations with a view from above, a ‘bird’s eye view’ as it is often called, have always been my favorite as they help me experience and think about the big picture and not about the fussy details of everyday life.

When you focus on the big picture of your life it is easier to plan your ‘long game’.

What does the ‘long game’ entail?

Taking the necessary steps now, that will bring you where you want to be in the future, sacrificing short-term wins for long-term more important gains and aiming for compound results and accummulation of tiny advantages that will make your next moves easier.

Most people play the ‘short game’ because it is easier, more visible and has immediate results but the catch is, the longer you play the short game the harder it gets.

Examples of short game include not taking care of your health, spending too much, charging too much to your customers, arguing about trivial subjects etc.

But different outcomes come from doing different things or doing things differently.

And what a better place to reflect, plan and in the same time enjoy the moment than from these Parisian terraces :

De Tout Paris : Indulge in the panoramic view of Paris, from this contemporary brasserie. Seven floors above the Pont Neuf-the oldest bridge in Paris, Le Tout -Paris is bathed in Parisian light and draws authentic inspiration from the traditional Art Deco bistro and the French ‘art de vivre’. Located on the rooftop of Hotel Cheval Blanc-LVMH’s first five-star accommodation in the heart of Paris and next to the newly renovated Samaritaine ! Offers a selection of flavours and classic recipes given a new twist, enticing cocktails and Sunday brunch in a modern and colorful environment with vivid artwork and elegant furniture with pop flashes.

De Tout Paris, Hotel Cheval Blanc, 8 Quai de Louvre 75001, Tel: +331.

La Perruche : Both a cocktail bar and restaurant, Perruche is an oasis of greenery with a refined culinary scene and a selection of signature cocktails by famous mixologist Nico de Soto. Perched on Printemps Haussmann rooftop offers unobstructed views of Paris, south-inspired flavors, spirited vibes and the essence of outdoor living.

La Perruche, Printemps de l’homme – 9ème étage, 2 rue du Havre 75009, Tel :+331.

Mun Restaurant : Wonderful views on the rooftops of Paris, this Asian -inspired restaurant set on the Champs Elysées offers a spectacular panorama from the Grand Palais to the Arc de Triomphe. An inspired sushi menu by chefs Julien Chicoisne and Roland Puse as well as well -mastered cocktails and a super plant-filled bar. Reserve on time on the terrace and take the elevator to reach this unmissable rooftop with a ravishing view.

Restaurant MUN, 52 Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris 8e, Tel :+331.

With gratitude, T.

Baccarat Hotel New York : Contemporary Sophistication

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With a classic Parisian elegance combined with the contemporary aesthetic of a midtown Manhattan location the Baccarat hotel & Residences creates a truly unique guest experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else!

The impressive interiors from the renowned Gilles and Bossier display exceptional style and unparalleled sophistication and its mission is to offer perfection of service that matches Baccarat’s perfection in the production of Crystal.

The hotel is conveniently located in Midtown, directly across from MoMA , Fifth Avenue’s museum Mile and numerous fashion boutiques. It boasts 114 luxe rooms and suites, 15,000 iridescent crystal pieces, 17 striking custom chandeliers and the first spa by La Mer in the US!

Parisian art connoisseur Frederic Chambre spent eighteen months in Paris auction houses seeking extraordinary pieces for Baccarat New York. The resulting collection spanning from important movements over the past 250 years is eclectic: paintings, photography, one of a kind furniture that can be found throughout the hotel, all uniquely suited to Baccarat.

The Grand Salon restaurant at Baccarat is open morning to night, serving breakfast pastries, afternoon tea and evening champagne in exquisite surroundings crowned by a majestic chandelier. The glitzy Bar next door suggests the hotel’s signature cocktail ‘Le Roi’ made with Nolet’s Reserve Gin and grapefruit zest which served in Baccarat’s iconic Massen Coupe for $375!!

In the summer, one can enjoy the intimate and elegant Bar Terrace overlooking MoMa while in the winter the cosy wood-panelled Petit Salon is the perfect spot to indulge into a glass of champagne.

Beyond the exceptional artwork , Baccarat hotel also commissioned 11 extraordinary new york artists to incorporate ten iconic Baccarat Harcourt glasses into art. These distinct and ingenious pieces are displayed in radiant vitrines in the doorways of the suites underlining the Baccarat lifestyle!

This lavish addition in Midtown Manhattan undoubtly represents limitless luxury, innovation and hospitality at its finest!

With gratitude, T.