Three Parisian terraces to visit this springtime!

Room for thought : ‘See the big picture, play the long game’

Travelling offers the opportunity to escape our ‘habits of mind’ and reflect upon our lives from a height we could not have reached in the midst of our everyday lives.

Locations with a view from above, a ‘bird’s eye view’ as it is often called, have always been my favorite as they help me experience and think about the big picture and not about the fussy details of everyday life.

When you focus on the big picture of your life it is easier to plan your ‘long game’.

What does the ‘long game’ entail?

Taking the necessary steps now, that will bring you where you want to be in the future, sacrificing short-term wins for long-term more important gains and aiming for compound results and accummulation of tiny advantages that will make your next moves easier.

Most people play the ‘short game’ because it is easier, more visible and has immediate results but the catch is, the longer you play the short game the harder it gets.

Examples of short game include not taking care of your health, spending too much, charging too much to your customers, arguing about trivial subjects etc.

But different outcomes come from doing different things or doing things differently.

And what a better place to reflect, plan and in the same time enjoy the moment than from these Parisian terraces :

De Tout Paris : Indulge in the panoramic view of Paris, from this contemporary brasserie. Seven floors above the Pont Neuf-the oldest bridge in Paris, Le Tout -Paris is bathed in Parisian light and draws authentic inspiration from the traditional Art Deco bistro and the French ‘art de vivre’. Located on the rooftop of Hotel Cheval Blanc-LVMH’s first five-star accommodation in the heart of Paris and next to the newly renovated Samaritaine ! Offers a selection of flavours and classic recipes given a new twist, enticing cocktails and Sunday brunch in a modern and colorful environment with vivid artwork and elegant furniture with pop flashes.

De Tout Paris, Hotel Cheval Blanc, 8 Quai de Louvre 75001, Tel: +331.

La Perruche : Both a cocktail bar and restaurant, Perruche is an oasis of greenery with a refined culinary scene and a selection of signature cocktails by famous mixologist Nico de Soto. Perched on Printemps Haussmann rooftop offers unobstructed views of Paris, south-inspired flavors, spirited vibes and the essence of outdoor living.

La Perruche, Printemps de l’homme – 9ème étage, 2 rue du Havre 75009, Tel :+331.

Mun Restaurant : Wonderful views on the rooftops of Paris, this Asian -inspired restaurant set on the Champs Elysées offers a spectacular panorama from the Grand Palais to the Arc de Triomphe. An inspired sushi menu by chefs Julien Chicoisne and Roland Puse as well as well -mastered cocktails and a super plant-filled bar. Reserve on time on the terrace and take the elevator to reach this unmissable rooftop with a ravishing view.

Restaurant MUN, 52 Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris 8e, Tel :+331.

With gratitude, T.

Cheval Blanc : Contemporary Hospitality with attention to every detail in the heart of Paris!

I was so excited to find myself travelling again after the second lockdown, that any stimulus seemed heavenly.

But nothing have prepared me for Cheval Blanc, LVMH’s first five-star accommodation in the heart of Paris!

The hotel, which opened this fall, after a 16-year restoration of Paris’s historic La Samaritaine department-store complex!

The Cheval Blanc occupies the south side of the compound, in a chic Art Deco building distinct from La Samaritaine and overlooking the Pont Neuf—the oldest bridge in Paris, inaugurated in 1607 by Henri IV. With only 72 rooms and suites on 10 floors, this hotel is designed by Peter Marino in tones of beige and white with gold details.

The hotel is intended “to promote the French art de vivre.” The lobby has vivid artwork, elegant furniture with pop flashes and perfect lighting. I am informed while on tour that some suites have balconies and deep bathtubs with a view of the Seine, others at the Notre Dame and there are even exclusive apartments as an option. Its concierge services include tours of Montmartre, and a “gentlemen’s day” that includes a trip to the barber or babysitting services in the conscious and educational in- house playroom called ‘Le Carrousel’.

The Cheval Blanc experience includes an underground Dior spa offering massages and I was lucky enough to try the Le Petit Bonheur Talons Aiguilles or ‘take your heels off’ foot massage experience in an off -white wellness area with divine Dior perfume and scented pillows.

 There is also a swimming pool at Seine level decorated with waves of blue and green mosaic tiles. It sits in a room whose back wall is covered in screens projecting the undulations of the Seine, a video installation by Franco-­Israeli artist Yorame Mevorach, who works under the name of Oyoram. The aquatic theme relates not just to the hotel’s location but also to its past: La Samaritaine takes its name from a pump house decorated with images of the biblical parable of Jesus and the Samaritan woman.

As I exit the glass lift with representations of the city of Paris, I find myself at the rooftop bar-lounge-restaurant ‘Le Tout Paris’!

Enticing cocktails, homemade bites and tasty nuts accompany a view and sunset like no other in a colorful, stylish and contemporary environment and with attention to every single detail. This Art Deco bistro is open from midday to midnight and there is a Sunday brunch not to be missed.

 From the Seine below to the skies above, the hotel’s locations and view in the heart of Paris is a key part of its unique identity.

Just what you need after long Covid periods:  a refreshing, modern experience and a scenic panorama in the City of light!

With Gratitude, T.

The Sinner Paris : Sensual luxury and modern aesthetic in Le Marais!

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Like a well-kept secret, hidden behind a heavy door, Sinner hotel invites you to a half-lit forbidden journey and monastic atmosphere.
Remaining true to his signature, interior designer Tristan Auer leaves trends behind and blends the beauty and grandeur of religious buildings with the sensuality of eclectic art.
One of the most iconic and daring interior designers of his generation he shows a preference for dramatic artistic styles, and combination of eras which create a unique atmosphere.
From the electric relaxation of the restaurant to rooms inspired by ecclesiastical quarters and from dark hallways illuminated by aromatic candles to the concept store in the crypt.
A blend of modern aesthetic, opulent rooms and spectacular spaces entice you into a feeling of unpolished luxury.
The attention to detail continues in the mysterious spa, inspired by Roman baths. Guests navigate into a journey through the eras of the religious Marais to the vibrant and carefree Marais of the 70’s and to the aromas of a forbidden scent.
Sinner definitely marks a new chapter in the life of Paris, liberated from the old standards, in the heart of Le Marais.

With gratitude, T.

116 rue du Temple, 75003, Paris France


Saint James : The only chateau -hotel in Paris!


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A prestige hotel in a park in the heart of Paris, a great restaurant with terrace and a Private Club? The Saint James Paris is all those things, and much more! Part chateau, part family townhouse , a blend of grandeur and intimacy , of classicism and extravagance. Highly Parisian yet decidedly beyond fashion. Indefinable, unclassifiable, simply unique.

Built in the 19th century on Paris’s first balloon landing field in the exclusive 16th arrondissement, this magnificent neo-classical mansion hosted the Thiers foundation for scholars for over a century , before becoming the Saint James Club of Paris. Now a member of Relais & Chateaux, the Saint James Paris is an experience of its own, totally revisited by the dream- maker Bambi Sloan.

Chef Adrian Brunet shares his passion with sincerity through subtle recipes that combine French gastronomical classics and contemporary dining. The gourmet experience has a wonderfully unique atmosphere and its rounded out with a spectacular dessert by the Pastry chef.

In a fascinating shrine, subtle Oriental, Western blend, the Guerlain Spa offers two treatment rooms, two steam-rooms and an exercise room as elegant as a fencing room.

Madeleine Castaing, Rene Magritte or Elizabeth of Austria are examples of the characters who inspired the 49 rooms and suites each one with its own story and especially spacious.

The guests are welcomed like friends would be in this eccentric family house!

Brach Paris: Modern romanticism!


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Philippe Starck is best known for his distinctive approach to design. The French designer, architect and creator has plenty of experience when it comes to designing interiors, having already created some of the world’s best, including the Hudson Paramount in NYC and Le Meurice Hotel in France. Quite recently, Starck extended his hospitality resumé by designing the Brach Hotel, which opened this month in Paris!
“My hotels aren’t based on any particular cultural, fashion, or architectural aesthetic. I create mental spaces, emotional surprises, and enigmas. A successful hotel today is a contrast between the purely emotional and purely functional.” – Philippe Starck
Brach is situated in the 16th arrondissement neighbouring the Trocadéro, Eiffel Tower and Passy market. All the emotions and possibilities of a place brimming with positive energy for locals and travellers alike.
“Brach is all about the period when the Dadaists, surrealists, and architects like Le Corbusier discovered Africa and what would later be known as art brut,” disclosed Starck. “It’s Bauhaus modernism with African wonder. The Brach could be Pierre Jeanneret’s, Charlotte Perriand’s or Mallet-Stevens’s place, with a nod to Pierre Chareau’s glass house—it just might spark up the revival of this very staid part of the 16th,” concluded the French creator.
The hotel is comprised of 52 guest rooms and seven suites. Due to the rooms’ massive high structure, Strack was able to play with volume, installing unreachable decorative shelves with eclectic displays of books, photos, and African masks. Inspirations based on the work of Le Corbusier, the renowned French-Swiss architect and designer, can be seen especially in the furniture and room fixtures.
Lastly, the hotel also highlights plenty of other amenities such as a fitness centre, two pools, a bar, a pastry shop managed by Yann Brys and an extraordinary Mediterranean restaurant. On the rooftop, guests can benefit from a 4,300-square-foot vegetable garden, a deck and a jacuzzi.

This is an amazing and benevolent living patchwork, creating a lifestyle to fulfil every dream!



Hotel de Crillon, a Rosewood hotel-The revamp!

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Entering the most elite hotel in Paris you have the feeling of being at a private palace. There are few places in the world where you can wake up feeling like royalty — but the famed Hotel de Crillon in Paris certainly qualifies.

Located in the famous Place de la Concorde, the historic hotel was designed by the architect of the Palace of Versailles. In 2017, after a $200 million renovation, the Parisian landmark was reborn.

Every room in the 3,000-square-foot residence offers stunning views of the Paris skyline.

“I like the idea of a slightly theatrical arrival,” says Chahan Minassian, one of the three interior designers working alongside artistic director Aline d’Amman and architect Richard Martinet for the three-and-a-half-year renovation.

For $38,000 per night, guests can awake in a mega-suite designed by Karl Lagerfeld called “Les Grands Appartements.” The fashion icon’s vision of chic French decor blends old and new; from the original marble sink from the Palace of Versailles, to the ultra-modern bookcase that opens with a push of a button to reveal a secret dressing room.The suite also features a room inspired by Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette!

Crillon counts celebrities including Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Madonna and Taylor Swift, Sophia Loren, Peggy Guggenheim, Orson Welles among its guests. Now, the hotel’s A-list visitors can also enjoy a wealth of new VIP perks, such as an in-house barber shop, custom fitted with chairs made from 1960s Aston Martin leather interiors, and a brand-new subterranean pool with gleaming gold tiles.

Or, they can head to the lavish bar-with easy access for outside guests, where they can sip more than 213 kinds of Champagne. Inside, the original chandeliers have been lowered for intimacy, while the original pastel frescoed ceiling has been given new life by warmly lit clouds meant to resemble the Parisian sky after the rain.

Below foot, a newly designed spa gives way to a hotel guest–only skylighted pool, with ceramic art  by American artist Peter Lane.

For the 124 newly redesigned guest rooms, three restaurants (one featuring Michelin-star chef Christopher Hache), gilded bar, and discrete spa, it is evident that all of the owners of the hotel wanted to preserve the 18th-century spirit of the hotel that has been a constant throughout the hotel’s history.


The Peninsula -An Iconic hotel in Paris


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Everyone dreams of staying at the one and only Peninsula Paris one of the most iconic hotels in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel Tower , on Avenue Kléber , just a few minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe!

It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, located in the most historic quarter of Paris, a 19th century Haussmanian building that hosted various important events during Europe’s history.  The Peninsula Paris, formerly known as the Hotel Majestic, opened its doors to the public in 1908 as a hotel and in 1937 became a governmental conference center.  In the mid- 20th century, it became the Nazi headquarters in Paris, during the city’s occupation in the World War II. Later on, during the early 70s, all discussions on the Vietnam War peace treaty were held there.

Numerous significant personalities have stayed there such as George Gershwin, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce and Marcel Proust. It has been said that Gershwin finished his famous  “An American in Paris” whilst staying there.

A couple of years ago, the Peninsula reinvented itself with a super makeover that cost over than half billion dollars! The result was astonishing, 200 rooms and 34 suites where contemporary luxury meets the latest technology!

Staying in one of the rooms or suites at the Peninsula gives a full understanding of true Parisian living!  All suites are equipped with cutting-edge features and the room service is legendary with a choice of drinks and delectable dishes, right from the fully-customized interactive digital control tablet.  Parisian glamour, high ceilings, eclectic furniture and fine French craftsmanship result a unique luxurious environment.

As far the restaurants are concerned the Peninsula Paris is a true gastronomic paradise with six restaurants. Each and every one,  a  homage to Gastronomy!  One of the most notorious restaurants in the city, Lily Restaurant is located within its premises offering exceptional Cantonese cuisine, aiming to please all residents but more particularly the Asians that seem to be the main target group of the hotel.  Apart from that, there is a wide selection for any taste, L’ Oiseau Blanc on the rooftop of the hotel, with a stunning view over Paris! L’ Oiseau Blanc serves the typical French specialties with only the best seasonal ingredients, usually picked by the head chef himself from the local market.

There is also The Lobby a more international restaurant where one can enjoy  delicious brunch or high tea or even a regular lunch or dinner of a more smart casual character. La Terrasse Kléber is also an option for those who desire to sit on the terrace right in front of the hotel enjoying international specialties.  A bar, a cigar lounge and the exceptional in-room service are also great option for those who wish the maximum of comfort and hospitality!

Since its last renovation a high quality spa and wellness center was created within the hotel. The fitness center, an indoor pool and the Peninsula Spa are there to provide the maximum of luxury!  The eastern decorative elements along with the wooden and marble details help the visitor to find harmony and live an ultimate relaxation experience.

Overall, the Peninsula Paris is definitely one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe.  It is no wonder that it is considered to be one of the few “Palace hotels” in the French capital . It combines luxury, elegance , glamour , comfort  ,high technology & impeccable service thus exceeding all of its customer’s expectations.